Makiga Engineering Services has developed a management and field team of knowledgeable personnel who understand that the total success of a community re-development project, depends on the ability of the community to be sustainable. That successful planning involves the people who will live and work within the community. As a result of this understanding to design for successful sustainability, we have developed a social and community affairs assessment and auditing model, which is utilised as both a planning and monitoring component for community re-development projects. View our projects gallery.





Stabilized Soil Blocks

While making compressed soil blocks is labor intensive, they can significantly reduce the costs involved in building a house, outbuildings, fences, garden walls, etc.

Roofing Tiles

MCR roofs are constructed in a conventional manner using rafters and purlins made from wood or steel. Rafters are according to the shape and size of the roof.

Concrete Vents

The Multi-Purpose Vibrating Tables are also used for making concrete products such as ventilations quickly and cheaply.

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