The Makiga Micro Micro Concrete Tile Machine is used for manufacture of roofing tiles generally located at the source of the raw material to be used. However, this is not, in all cases, the most efficient location because of the requirements of manpower, fuel supply and transportation.

MCR tile production presents an ideal opportunity for small businesses, building contractors and community groups using local equipment and labour. This machine is supplied with a set of mother molds and a "v" shaped 5ft. ridge mold.

The equipment produces concrete tiles is based on high-pressure extrusion process of a wet concrete mixture onto a fibre glassmold, also referred to as pallet, which is then cut to size. It produces tiles based on vibration process for the concrete mixture and dries on the molds to obtain roofing tiles.


Stabilized Soil Blocks

While making compressed soil blocks is labor intensive, they can significantly reduce the costs involved in building a house, outbuildings, fences, garden walls, etc.

Roofing Tiles

MCR roofs are constructed in a conventional manner using rafters and purlins made from wood or steel. Rafters are according to the shape and size of the roof.

Concrete Vents

The Multi-Purpose Vibrating Tables are also used for making concrete products such as ventilations quickly and cheaply.

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