This Stabilized Soil Block Press (SSB) comes in four varieties:

  1. Standard Straight Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block Press
  2. Wide Straight Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block Press
  3. Standard Non-Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block Press
  4. Curved Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block Press

Makiga Stone Crushers are designed for primary crushing of even hardest rock.

The Stone Crusher is constructed with heavy ribbed M.S. plates, with strong and thick welding joints.

Accurately machined & aligned, strong bearing housings, very thick, hard and tough adjustable toggle plate, Heat treated, hardened alloy steel main shaft, proper...

These help in the productivity of blocks of concrete, homogenizing the miscellany of the components. Some advantages of manually operated equipment are that they have low weight hence easy to transport on...

The Makiga Micro Micro Concrete Tile Machine is used for manufacture of roofing tiles generally located at the source of the raw material to be used. However, this is not, in all cases, the most efficient location because of the requirements of manpower, fuel supply and transportation.

A grinding mill is a unit operation designed to break a solid material into smaller pieces. There are many different types of grinding mills and many types of materials processed in them.

Stabilized Soil Blocks

While making compressed soil blocks is labor intensive, they can significantly reduce the costs involved in building a house, outbuildings, fences, garden walls, etc.

Roofing Tiles

MCR roofs are constructed in a conventional manner using rafters and purlins made from wood or steel. Rafters are according to the shape and size of the roof.

Concrete Vents

The Multi-Purpose Vibrating Tables are also used for making concrete products such as ventilations quickly and cheaply.

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